Final Project Video

I.O.U. uses four iPhones to document a brief period of their journey through life.


I.O.U. and Youtube

This is an example of how I.O.U. uses youtube to release content to entertain their fans as well as promote for their upcoming Fralbum(Free Album)

The Social Media Game: The Three Keys

Being involved in this music group, I realized many things when it comes to promotion: Twitter and Facebook and Youtube are the three keys to success in expanding your fan base. The emergence of social media technology has change the music industry dramatically. Now bands have the ability to connect more with their fans…and are expected to do so. Facebook allows for fans to stay updated on upcoming shows and through a Band page, we are able to communicate with our fans which allows for a stronger sense of a connection. Twitter is the upgraded version of Facebook when it comes to communication. Twitter has become very important because now fans can tag you in posts and you are directly connected to them because of this. This allows artists to have actually dialogue between fans even if they are miles away. And finally Youtube is extremely important, as this allows fans to visualize the artists by not having to actually go to a concert. Releasing video content on Youtube add more depth to a bands promotion as its no only just music but video.

The Evolution of Technoogy

I thought i’d share this video because although it doesn’t show the very beginning of music, it shows the evolution of how technology has influenced it through a documentary style film. I only posted Part 1 to give you a little taste of information. If you’d like to continue the documentary, click Part 2 and 3 on the sidebar in Youtube.

Introducing I.O.U.

I.O.U. which is short for Inside Our Universe is a music group that is made up of 2 artists, Isaiah “Izee” McNeill, Andrew “Buck” Buckner, along with 2 managers, Charles “Chilly Chuck” Ferrone, and Vianney “V” Ausseil.

Isaiah McNeil, the 20-year-old Linden, NJ native better known as Izee, is certainly not your typical clean-cut college kid. In the time your average Rutgers Student spends competing in beer pong tournaments and doing kegstands, Izee brings his musical mastermind to life. His genius was conceived when his parents got him playing the xylophone. Then after watching the movie “Drumline” in middle school, he was intrigued and decided to trade it in for a set of drums and a piano, both of which he played at his local church. Going into high school, Izee dabbled in computer programs, taught himself how to make beats and began producing songs. A couple of mixtapes and performances later, Izee began to brand a genre that he refers to as “Everything”. He claims that if his music were a pizza, the crust would be hip hop topped with influences of everything from classical to dubstep. He lives for packaging music that is versatile, relatable and unpredictable in order to deliver a musical product that speaks to everyone

Some of you may know him as Andrew Buckner, a 20-year-old Rutgers University student studying to become a history teacher, while others may know him as Buck, the lyrical genius behind the dynamic rap duo, I.O.U. The South Brunswick native didn’t always have his heart set on dedicating his life to music. In high school, Buck got his shine on the varsity basketball team and was committed to going to college on a basketball scholarship. Little did he know at the time that his poetic abilities and charisma would get him into a completely different arena. Before teaming up to make music with Izee, one of his best friends, Buck started experimenting with the art of spoken word. His love for spoken work introduced him to putting those lyrics down onto the beats produced by Izee. Building off of his inspiration from artist such as Lupe Fiasco, John Mayer, and his favorite artist Kendrick Lamar, Buck found himself in his lyrics. He is ready to think outside the box, and ready to get everyone else in this world too as well.

What I am going to do is try to capture the lives of this up and coming music group that I am involved in, individually through the lenses of 4 iphones that each group member owns. Over the course of 7 days each group member will try to capture their daily lives, in 30 second increments throughout their days. Inevitably, because this is a group, some of the events that the individuals participate in will mesh, allowing the audience to see multiple perspectives on a pursuance of a common goal. As the individuals will be instructed to document their lives, they will be pushed to highlight mostly the technological encounterings of their days.

Technology vs. Music

The purpose of this blog is to explore the collaboration between technology and music. More in depth, I’d like to view how technology has evolved the sound of music and the transfer of music. I want to find out and understand how technology has progressed music in the past present and future. I also am interested in finding out if music has in anyway progressed technology.

Also I’d like to explore how social media has helped and evolved the transfer of music from one individual to another, most importantly how bands use technology to get their music out to the public, through social media and videos