Final Project Video

I.O.U. uses four iPhones to document a brief period of their journey through life.

I.O.U. and Youtube

This is an example of how I.O.U. uses youtube to release content to entertain their fans as well as promote for their upcoming Fralbum(Free Album)

The Social Media Game: The Three Keys

Being involved in this music group, I realized many things when it comes to promotion: Twitter and Facebook and Youtube are the three keys to success in expanding your fan base. The emergence… Continue reading

Introduction to I.O.U. part 2

Here are four video introductions to the music group I.O.U. using their iPhones. 

The Evolution of Technoogy

I thought i’d share this video because although it doesn’t show the very beginning of music, it shows the evolution of how technology has influenced it through a documentary style film. I only… Continue reading

Introducing I.O.U.

I.O.U. which is short for Inside Our Universe is a music group that is made up of 2 artists, Isaiah “Izee” McNeill, Andrew “Buck” Buckner, along with 2 managers, Charles “Chilly Chuck” Ferrone,… Continue reading

Technology vs. Music

The purpose of this blog is to explore the collaboration between technology and music. More in depth, I’d like to view how technology has evolved the sound of music and the transfer of… Continue reading